PakTech Recycling Program

PakTech strives for sustainability in all facets of our business. That’s why PakTech products are made from 100% recycled HDPE, and why in turn they’re 100% recyclable into products such as composite lumber, flower pots, pipe, park benches, and more PakTech products. We created our recycling program to ensure as many of our handles are recycled and repurposed as possible, to fulfill our commitment to our customers, ourselves, and to the planet we all call home.

PakTech handles are 100% recyclable, so let’s get you to the right place. Are you a Business or an Individual?

I like the concept of this recycling program. I'll feel a lot better using plastics if I know that they are actually getting recycled.
- Becky, Oakshire Brewing
We are very grateful for your continued support and partnership to recycle the handles at our open donation centers and retail thrift stores. We are happy to continue collecting handles.
- St. Vincent de Paul
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