The Vision of Handles

Since its founding in 1991, PakTech has grown to become an industry leader in using recycled HDPE plastic to create 100% recyclable packaging handles and automated application equipment.


In 1993 a local Eugene, OR dairy reaches out to Jim Borg, local plastic injection mold maker. The dairy was seeking market entry into a new club store concept called Costco. They wanted a way to sell 2 milk gallons without putting them into a box. Jim designed the first TwinPak carrier for the dairy industry. Within 4 years, other large bottle products sought club store entry. Jim worked to get TwinPak handles onto larger national brands such as Treetop, Welch’s, and eventually Costco’s label Kirkland.



As beverage producers grew business into club stores in the mid-90s, their production lines got faster and more efficient. PakTech worked with different partners in order to develop in-line equipment to apply handles automatically. By the end of the 90’s PakTech developed their own Applicator Department to service customers buying handles. Evolving with the needs of customers, PakTech has a variety of models and speeds, and continues designing, building, installing and servicing automated equipments to apply PakTech handles 24/7 in plants all over the country, and beyond.



By the mid-90s the UniPak bale handle for easy carrying and pouring of gallon bottles was developed and sought by makers of Hawaiian Punch and Gatorade. For the next two decades PakTech continued creating new handle designs to serve the food and beverage club industry and has developed hundreds of handle styles.


Craft Beer and the Can Carrier

In 2009 the canned beer industry started taking off, and PakTech worked to develop a handle for cylindrical shapes, much different than the standard bottle shapes with caps and neck rings. With consumer acceptance of canned craft beer taking off, PakTech developed QuadPak and 6Pak ‘Can Carriers’ and met the industry requirement for sustainability by converting Can Carrier handle designs to Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE material. Since then, PakTech has taken the PCR conversion to all handles so that 90% of their manufacturing is done using 100% recycle plastic.


Smart. Sustainable. Simple.

Today, PakTech serves all major brands and emerging markets, both domestically as well as exporting to international warehouses in the UK and Australia for local distribution. The PakTech team is 250+ strong. Designed, manufactured and shipped from three facilities (with a fourth in development) in Eugene, Oregon – USA. Slow steady growth, constant improvement, and exceptional products and service keep us growing and we’re not planning on stopping!