Oregon Precision Industries, Inc., dba PakTech

Order Processing, Pricing and Shipping Policy

• Pricinof production handles is order volume dependent and subject to change.  A formal quote would be provided by the Sales Department, which is valid for up to 60 days from the date of issuance. Pricing is based FOB Eugene, OR and includes choice of standard colors. Handles requiring UPC labels must be approved, and pricing is an additional $12 – $15/M depending on order volumes.

• UPC & DECO Labels– we require a one-time startup fee of $250 for each new UPC code or DECO label  initial order (not for repeat orders)

• For orders from single cavity prototype molds, handle pricing will be $250/M regardless of order volume. Single cavity prototype molds are intended for small volume, start-up projects only.

• Our Minimum Order requirement (with or without UPC labels, including custom color) is 25,000 handles OR one single pallet (if pallet quantity is less than 25M). Exceptions will be considered on a limited basis.

• We are a “make to order company” and therefore do not inventory handles. Typical lead time from receipt of PO to shipment date is as follows:

  • 3 weeks manufacturing lead time for standard handle orders.
  • 4 weeks for orders requiring new UPC labels. Extra time is required to proof, approve, order and receive new UPC labels.    Rush orders for new UPC labels may be subject to an expedite fee.
  • UPC labels are applied to handles automatically as part of our manufacturing process. We are unable to order/supply UPC labels for customer application.

Packaging is detailed on each quote, but is optimized for each handle and is subject to change if deemed necessary. Please note that packaging counts provided during the prototype stage are an estimate, and likely to change once in production. POs will be fulfilled according to the closest box count above the PO requirement.

• Your purchase order will be received and production will be confirmed according to your requested ship date.  One ship address per purchase order. An Order Acknowledgement will be emailed from your Customer Service Account Manager (CSAM) by the next business day. If you submit a PO but do not receive an order acknowledgement please contact your CSAM. This is our final confirmation before your order is made and shipped, so please carefully review this document and send approval or make changes via fax or e-mail within 24 hours.

• We allow a maximum of two handle colors (split equally) per pallet regardless of pallet count. Minimum order 25,000 handles OR one single pallet (if pallet quantity is less than 25M) is required.

• PakTech has a wide variety of stock colors and we hope to provide handles using stock colors. In the event that a custom color is required, the following Custom Color Policy applies:

  • $300 custom color fee for each custom color
  • 6-week total lead time. (3 weeks for color request to final approval, 3 weeks for production to delivery).
  • Standard order requirements apply. See minimum order requirements. 

Order cancellation requests must be received prior to start of order manufacturing. As we are a make to order company we regret that we are not able to accept returns.

• There is a two-week lead time for Hand Applicator orders (see web site for details about applicators). Hand Applicators are $65 each. PakTech handles must be applied correctly by the user, and PakTech is not responsible for misapplied handles.

• PakTech ships BEST WAY F.O.B. Eugene unless otherwise specified. All claims for loss or damage in transit must be made against the carrier. Shipping quotes and estimates are available upon request, and freight discounts are applied. Shipping estimates are available for information only.  Quoted shipping costs are binding and detailed on all order invoices

• For customers arranging their own freight, please note:

  • Shipping hours are 8-3 PST and dock appointments are required.
  • Freight carrier must send in a 53’ dry van (not refrigerated truck) for all pickups over 24 pallets.
  • International orders use Heat Treated GMA pallets. Domestic orders use Standard GMA pallets.
  • Our NAFTA tariff code is 39269025 with a description of “Plastic Handles,” Schedule B.
  • We will not alter our Certificate of Origin Form.
  • Tracking numbers are available for all LTL shipments upon request.
  • International shipping quotes will take up to 2 days to process. IE: Eugene to St. Catarina, Mexico.

Terms:  Payment is due when the product is shipped unless other arrangements have been agreed to in writing. Prepayment terms are at the discretion of PakTech, and will be determined according to payment history and transactions.    

Payment:  Visa, MasterCard & Amex payment are all accepted. All transactions are required to be in US Dollars.  PakTech Tax ID number is 93-0971422. PakTech makes every effort to protect our customer’s credit card information.  We are compliant with the guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).  We use a trusted credit card processor and only process credit card payments using a secure, dedicated terminal.  Payments processed through exchange services are subject to a 3% convenience fee, charged at the time of payment.  Past due accounts will be subject to a finance charge as provided in our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

• For all new, custom handle projects, please note the following standard details:

  • New handle design lead time is approximately 2 weeks, and will be determined upon design request.
  • Design handle drawings are concept only and do not provide Production Release measurements. Production Release Prints and specification sheets will be provided, upon request once the project has moved into handle production.
  • Standard Prototype Mold Development Fee is $1,900 for each new handle.  This fee includes 500 handles in any standard color.
  • Standard Production Mold Development Fee is $8,000 per new handle.
  • Development fees are one-time fees which cover mold development and all on-going maintenance.
  • Prototype Development, Production Development and Parts Purchase Orders should be issued separately. 
  • All designs and concepts remain the sole intellectual property of PakTech (OPI).
  • There is a 3-week lead time for manufacture of prototype tooling and an additional 3-week lead time for production tooling after design drawing approval and receipt of PO.

• All new projects or changes to an existing package must be approved in writing by PakTech.  Please notify your Sales Manager of any new projects or changes to your bottles and caps. PakTech requires new samples for QA fit and function testing before we can internally approve the handle and an order can be accepted. QA requires product samples with cap/closure be sent for fit/function testing and approval. Example two bottles for TwinPak, six bottles/cans for 6Pak application.

• PakTech recommends using handles (with and without labels) within 12 months of receipt. Handles used within this period ensure the highest-quality performance.

• All sales are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

We are pleased to be a trusted provider for your packaging needs.  By proceeding with an order, this illustrates the acceptance of this Order Processing, Pricing and Shipping Policy and our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Updated 11/16/20