285 Crowler Can Carrier


GRAB, CARRY, AND RELEASE Your canned beverages are good to go   SIMPLE INNOVATIVE DESIGN Increase consumer happiness with secure, reusable package   VARIOUS COLORS Value-added shelf appeal: make your brand pop
TRULY SUSTAINABLE 100% Recycled Plastic, 100% Recyclable    AUTOMATED APPLICATION For 24/7 manufacturing efficiency   OPTIONS ABOUND Can Carriers for standard 202 and many other can sizes in many configurations


Photos demonstrate a small selection of our wide offerings – hundreds of models available, just contact us.



Need a Custom Handle or Color?

Need a Handle Label?

Size & Dimensions

  • Can Base: 32 oz – 946 ml
  • Inset Diameter: 285
  • Diameter: 330

Handle Approval process

  1. PakTech will request your can samples
  2. We measure finish and can diameter
  3. We perform fit and function process
  4. We recommend a stock handle with a part number that reflects your can dimensions. OR, we’ll discuss the custom development process


Example: 6PCE-202-260-PCR

  • This is a 6Pak Can Carrier. 6PC= 6Pak Carrier, 8PC= 8Pak Carrier, etc…
  • The ‘E’ denotes this Can Carrier as an Easy Remove model, our latest and greatest design
  • This can measures 2.60″ in diameter
  • The notation “-PCR” specifies PCR material
  • Every handle engraved with #2 HDPE and Please Recycle


  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • #2 HDPE / High Density Polyethylene
  • 100% Recyclable

The PakTech Difference

What makes PakTech handles the preferred packaging choice?
Easy: PakTech handles are Smart, Sustainable, Simple, and manufactured in the USA. That's the PakTech difference.

Our 100% recycled HDPE handles are strong, flexible, durable, and easy to apply. The smart way to protect your product.

Made from 100% recycled HDPE and indefinitely recyclable. Our handles are the clear sustainable choice.

Designed with the user in mind, PakTech handles are safe, secure, and user friendly. Highlight your brand with our minimal packaging handles.

Made proudly in Eugene, Oregon USA