Environmental Impact


There are a lot of houses, but we all share one home: EARTH! We honestly, sincerely, stubbornly feel a responsibility to reduce our individual and collective impact on the global environment.

All of us at PakTech are dedicated to protecting our planet and our environment. Transforming recycled plastic into recyclable products animates our mission and sets us aside from our competition. We believe that using 100% post-consumer recycled resin that is also 100% recyclable is part of the solution because it reduces the amount of new plastic that is being manufactured. Handles manufactured with recycled resin are the right product for our clients to use, for consumers to choose, and for our planet. This is full circle sustainability. Low impact, mean, clean, and green. In action and on a massive scale.
What is PCR?

PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled. 100% Post Consumer Natural HDPE #2 is recycled thermoplastic, which includes milk jugs water jugs, juice containers, and other un-pigmented household containers. PakTech utilizes PCR resin in the production of their injection molded handles.

In 2018, PakTech kept 102,592,428 gallon sized jugs out of the landfill by using PCR material.

PCR production uses 90% less energy, 100% less petroleum and emits 78% less greenhouse gasses vs. virgin plastic production.

100% Recyclable

PakTech handles are made from recycled milk jugs. If your local facility does not recycle rigid plastics - please check out our recycling program.


In 2018, PakTech has kept over

102,592,428 Milk Jugs

#2 HDPE gallon sized jugs out of landfills and oceans in the last year by using PCR plastic.