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PakTech plastic handles deliver what consumers want: a package that is good-looking, eco-friendly, easy to carry, and easy to remove.

PakTech also provides what processors demand: cost-effective in-line equipment that runs with minimum downtime and maintenance.

Made in Eugene, Oregon USA, PakTech low-waste, PCR handles offer the market a very sustainable secondary packaging solution. Responsive service and exceptional products: You will be Handled with Excellence.


What is PCR?


Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) HDPE (#2) is milk jugs and other #2 plastic pieces collected from consumers. PakTech utilizes PCR resin in production of their injection molded handles.

In one year, PakTech kept over 75 MILLION gallon sized jugs out of the landfill by using PCR material.

PakTech PCR production uses 90% less energy, 100% less petroleum, and offsets enough greenhouse gasses to equal 1,615 fewer cars on the road, or not having used 2,619,787 gallons of gasoline every year vs. virgin plastic production.


100% Recyclable


PakTech handles are made from discarded milk jugs, which are recyclable at most curbside pickups or at any recycling facility that recycles 'rigid plastics'. If your local facility does not recycle rigid plastics - let them know you want it.


PakTech has kept over

75 Million

#2 HDPE gallon sized jugs out of landfills and oceans in the last year by using PCR plastic.

PakTech has sold over 2 Billion handles since the beginning of 2011 and have been making handles since 1991. Over 500 long term, highly satisfied customers: from your local brewer to the best known brands.