Need a Custom Handle? We Can Make It.

Since the beginning, PakTech has always strived to solve our customers’ unique challenges. Listening to customers and diligently solving their problems led us to create the first TwinPak and UniPak handles, and we can do the same for you too. Rapid turnaround is the name of the game, as our experienced in-house engineering department is on hand to provide ingenious part designs which can be turned into working prototypes in a matter of days. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask and we’ll build it for you.


Custom Applicators

Our goal is to provide our customers the most valuable solution that utilizes both our handles and durable machines. This value is derived from providing a collaborative buying experience where we genuinely want to help improve your end of line efficiencies by providing flexible packaging machinery that are easy to use, quick to service and last the test of time. PakTech Applicators are available at any requested line speed, or can be customized to run at any required rates. All PakTech Applicators, even the most customized machines, are designed to be able to run multiple handle sizes or styles with quick change parts.

PakTech’s Applicators can be highly customized to include features like barcode inspection, handle application inspection, and rejection systems.  The diverse product line includes entry level intermittent motion machines to high speed continuous motion equipment. Indexed, pick & place or robotic machines, coupled with our custom handle technology makes PakTech a true single source for end of line packaging.